The City of Toledo uses a custom icon set. The full family of icons are below and in-context examples can be found throughout this guide.

An Adobe Illustrator file of the full set is available for download below. You can also download the custom City of Toledo icons as a font. Once installed, access the icons in the font by using the glyphs panel in Adobe software.


The City of Toledo brand system includes a pattern graphic derived from the ​“TOL” mark. The graphic can be incorporated sparingly on City of Toledo branded materials for approved uses only.

Appropriate uses include items like City of Toledo merchandise, employee engagement materials, and general City of Toledo marketing. The pattern shouldn’t be used in serious or formal applications. It’s best reserved for materials that strike a light-hearted tone.

Examples of the pattern in action can be found below, along with a downloadable black and white vector file of the pattern. When using the pattern, it is important to follow the City of Toledo color guidelines.


City of Toledo photography should match the tone of the brand and feel human, friendly, responsible, and honest. Photos should feature the culture, people, and landscape of the City. In addition, photography should celebrate the positive impact the City is making in the community, region, and lives of residents.

Be sure to include diversity in race, age, gender, religion, and background to reflect the City's community. Whenever possible, the photos should use lots of natural light. The photography subject matter should always be in a natural environment. For example, portraits should be captured in City of Toledo neighborhoods and spaces, as opposed to staged in a studio.

All photos should be full color or blue and teal duotone images — no grayscale, sepia, or other color effects. Examples of acceptable color images can be found throughout this guide.


If you're not sure on something or need additional materials, please contact the City of Toledo Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Department.